Battery Accessories:

With expertise and years long of experience, we have engraved a niche for ourselves in the domain of battery accessories. From nuts and bolts,petroleum jelly to battery caps, all the products are manufactured using superior quality material and advanced techniques.

Battery Chemicals :

We offer best range of quality storage battery chemicals that have accurate chemical composition required for manufacturing of batteries . Regular quality checks are conducted during the processing and packaging of these chemicals.

Battery Containers :

Matching the requirements of clients, we offer an extensive assortment of PP heat sealed battery containers. We have complete range of automotive and industrial battery containers which are highly durable and cost-effective.

Battery Plates :

Our quality assured battery plates are manufactured using proven material and modern machinery. They go through various quality checks and assessments before being delivered to our esteemed clients. Battery plates are available in various sizes.

Bottom Bars:

We provide superior quality bottom bars that are created under the supervision of technical professionals. They come with a highly durable finish, abrasion resistance and long life and are available in various sizes and colours.

Lead Alloys ,Grey oxide and red Lead :

We have Superior quality Lead alloys ,Grey oxide and red Lead which are spectro tested and made under supervisioin of expert technicians.Strict quality norms and standards are maintained during manufacturing of these products.

Level Indicators :

We also provide level indicators that are used in indicating the level of acid in the stationery batteries . They are crafted as per the set industry standards and are available in different colors and sizes as per customer requirement.

Packing shrims:

we have packing shrims made using high quality raw material which is calcium and iron free. It is customized is various shapes, sizes and colours as per the requirements of our clients.

Tubular Bags :

Tubular Bags/Gauntlets are the essential components of the positive plate of lead acid storage battery. We provide tubular bags that have high porosity, greater absorbency of the fabric wall and high bursting strength.

PE Separators :

We provide very low electric resistance PE separators that deliver high performance, have superior endurance and a long life.

Solar Photo-voltaic Cell :

We provide an extensive range of photo-voltaic cells which are the best devices to convert solar energy into electricity by photo voltaic effect. These cells are easy to install, have a longer functional life and are weather resistant.

Test Equipment:

We deal in testing equipments used in manufacturing of batteries and battery plates . These equipment provide accurate measurement of various parameters which are must for ensuring correct and consistent quality .